Schools and Departments


Dancing School

The Dancing School consists of five departments: Danceology, Dance Performance, Choreography, Art Education, and the graduate division. The school now has 95...

Music School

The Music School established in 1959, consists of three majors: Composition and Composition Technique Theory, Music Performance, and Musicology. The Music Pe...

Arts and Culture School (Department of Social Sciences)

The Department of Social Sciences of School of Arts and Culture and (Department of Art and Culture, Department of Basic Sciences), established in September 2...

Drama School

The Drama School, established in 1960, now has 55 full-time employees (including 41 full-time teachers), among which there are 8 with senior professional tit...

Design School

The Design School of Yunnan Arts University, known as the Department of Arts and Crafts in the past was founded in 1984 with a major of arts and crafts. Esta...

Fine Arts School

The Fine Arts School established in 1959, aims to educate individuals talented in the education, creation, and research of fine arts.The school consists of 9...