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Dancing School

Oct 8, 2020

The Dancing School consists of five departments: Danceology, Dance Performance, Choreography, Art Education, and the graduate division. The school now has 958 students. There are five undergraduate majors: Danceology (including dance education and national danceology programs), Dance Performance (including dance performance and social dance programs), Choreography, and Art Education. For postgraduates, there are two types of education models: academic and professional. The school has 34 faculty members, including one first-level actor, 16 associate professors, 11 postgraduate tutors, 10 lecturers, and 7 assistants.

With “Music-Danceology” being a first-level discipline, the school has established a complete system of postgraduate cultivation. Based on sufficient investigations, the school has been committed to the standardization of the cultivation program for MFA Dancology.

Through continuous innovation in education, research, creation, and performance exhibitions, the Dancing School has reaped fruitful achievements. The school has completed one national teaching-quality project for Dance Performance as a national pilot featuring 6 major provincial teaching quality projects and one educational reform project. On top of that, the school has fulfilled two national and nine provincial scientific research programs. Our teachers have won 5 national teaching awards and one provincial teaching award. 84 academic papers have been published in national and provincial core journals. The school has also won 4 national awards and 3 provincial awards for its research papers.

The works written and directed by our teachers and students has won many awards, including Performance Awards, the Gold Award for Works, Bronze Award for Directing, Top Ten Works Award, Outstanding Organization Award, and others. Our teachers and students have been invited to participate in programs on CCTV, HNTV, and Yunnan TV. Over the past five years, at the invitation of central televisions in Cambodia and Thailand, our school has taken part in the productions and performances of their Spring Festival galas. In June 2015, our school undertook a dance exchange between China and India in " the 2015 China - South Asia and Southeast Asia Art Week Performance and Exchange Activities”.