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Arts and Culture School (Department of Social Sciences)

Oct 8, 2020

The Department of Social Sciences of School of Arts and Culture and (Department of Art and Culture, Department of Basic Sciences), established in September 2002, was renamed to the School of Arts and Culture in October 2008. The teaching and research institutions include the Department of Arts Management, Culture Industry Management Department, Department of Arts, Department of Basic Cultural Knowledge Education, Department of Foreign Languages Education, and Department of Physical Education, Research Studios (performance art studios, art counseling rooms, art psychological study studios, cultural and creative industries research studios, film and television industry research studios). The school has a staff of 55 faculty, which includes 46 full-time teachers among which10 are professors and/or associate professors, 26 are lecturers, 5 are teaching assistants, 3 are teachers, and 2 are interns. Among those full-time teachers, 37haveMaster's degree or above, 2 on-job teachers working on their Master's degree, 3 on-the-job teachers studying for a PhD degree. The school now has 661 students (including 9 graduates).

The School of Arts and Culture has Public Administration (Culture and Arts Management), Performing for Undergraduates (etiquette and PR art), and cultural industry management programs.

In recent years, teachers of the school have started 4 projects that have been recognized by the Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Education, participated in one collaborative innovation project, and finished 12 subjects assigned by the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Education. There is also one published teaching textbook, one album of papers, and more than 100 papers, including one award-winning paper. The school also held over ten special lectures and attended7 academic conferences.

In 2014, the school successfully held the Third Annual Conference of the National Academy of Arts Management Committee-the Seminar of "Art Management under the Context of Globalization." The national academic conference is of the highest level and most influential academic conference that the school has ever hosted. More than 90 experts, scholars, and arts management professionals from over 30 art colleges and universities as well as students attended the conference.

Over the past five years the school has obtained a wide range of honors including a runner-up of the "Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant2013".