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Three works of our school participated in the 7th National College Students Art Exhibition and won the first prize

Jun 19, 2024

From June 12 to 18, 2024, the 7th National College Students Arts Exhibition, co-hosted by the Ministry of Education and the Hubei Provincial People's Government, was successfully held in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. After a rigorous selection process by the Ministry of Education, two outstanding programs from Yunnan Arts University (YNAU)—the vocal music piece "Naxi Ancient Melody Caprice" and the instrumental composition "Celebration Overture"—as well as an exemplary case study from the YNAU Design School's Aesthetic Education Rural Course Practice Project for the Product Design Major, were chosen to participate in the live performances at the exhibition. All three works were awarded the national first prize.

The National College Students Arts Exhibition, held every three years, is the largest, highest-level, and most influential artistic event organized by the education system.

YNAU places significant emphasis on this year's college student art exhibition and performance. The university held a special meeting to develop the work plan and organized participation in the national on-site exhibition and performance. This event serves as a practical platform for learning and implementing Xi Jinping's cultural thought, an essential venue for showcasing achievements in moral education and student development, and a vibrant stage for advancing YNAU's aesthetic education initiatives. Under the leadership of Wang Jiancai, Vice President and Member of the Party Committee, the Youth League Committee, the Music School, and the Design School collaborated to establish a dedicated working team to ensure the event's seamless execution. The working team took on its political responsibilities with determination, meticulously planned and organized the activities, and set up temporary Youth League branches to fully leverage their strategic roles. This strong organizational foundation was key to the successful delivery of the art exhibition.

During the national live exhibition, YNAU was the sole invited university from Yunnan Province to participate in the National Promotion Conference on School Aesthetic Education. All participating teachers and students participated in the social practice activity with the theme of "Cultural Inheritance, Innovation and Transformation".