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The 2024 Yunnan Arts University Psychodrama Competition of Students Comes to a Conclusion

May 13, 2024

Yunnan Arts University (YNAU) is committed to comprehensively advancing the "Project for Forging Inner Strength of the New Generation of the Times", carrying out the basic task of fostering virtue through education, and fully implementing the Three-Year Action Plan for High-Quality Development of Education in Yunnan Province. To this end, YNAU carried out special actions on the mental health of students. It disseminated campus culture through psychodrama competitions, aiming to ensure the psychological health of students and foster qualities such as self-respect, confidence, rationality, equanimity, and a positive mindset. Themed "Acknowledge the Power of Heart, Tell the Story of Heart", the campus-level final of the 2024 Yunnan Arts University Psychodrama Competition of Students was held at the 411 Theater of the Dancing School on the evening of May 8.

After the preliminary selection of secondary schools, a total of 15 groups of entries entered the final. The participants focused on contemporary college students' challenges in areas such as interpersonal relationships, personal growth, and job-seeking dilemmas, incorporating discipline characteristics into their situational drama creations and performances.

After fierce competition, the drama Job Seeker Hao Sanshun by the Drama School won the grand prize in the campus-level final. The Don't Be the Silent Majority by the Drama School and the Break Free from Shackles by the Dancing School won the first prize. Other standout performances, including the Don't Be Afraid! The Cloud Is Listening by the Drama School, The Candle by the "Heart Benefiting Art" College Student Psychological Health Association, and Listen to the Deep-down Voice by the Music School, received the second prize. The Ta by the Dancing School, What They Say by the Design School, Shadow by the Higher Vocational Education College and the Black and White by the Film and Television School won the third prize. The Turn around and Embrace Sunshine by the Music School, The Price of Being Tempted by the Dancing School, Live On by the School of Arts Management, Jealousy and Prejudice by the Ethnic Art Research Institute, and In the Name of Love by the Fine Arts School won the Excellence Award. The Job Seeker Hao Sanshun and Don't Be the Silent Majority by the Drama School, as well as the Break Free from Shackles by the Dancing School won the Excellent Screenplay Award in the campus-level final.

In recent years, YNAU has given full play to its role as a provincial demonstration center for mental health education and counseling. It has taken active steps to integrate art major advantages and mental health education, actively explore the application of Expressive Arts Therapy in students' mental health education, and enrich the presentation forms and specific practices of art therapy through multiple channels. YNAU continues to provide more comprehensive and in-depth psychological support and care for students. In this competition, the participants took performing arts as a carrier and combined psychological knowledge with sitcoms. The activity effectively enhanced students' ability to identify and deal with psychological problems, enriched the forms of mental health education for college students, and made mental health education more suitable for students' actual needs. The successful staging of the psychodrama competition of students demonstrates YNAU's commitment to fully implementing the special action plan to comprehensively strengthen and improve students' mental health in the new era.