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"Dianwu"—Achievement Exhibition of the "Eco-photography Talent Training" Project Supported by the 2022 Yunnan Arts Fund Artistic Talent Training Assistance Project Successfully Closed

Apr 21, 2024

The Opening Ceremony of "Dianwu"—Achievement Exhibition of the "Eco-photography Talent Training" Project Supported by the 2022 Yunnan Arts Fund Artistic Talent Training Assistance Project kicked off on the morning of April 12, 2024 in the lobby on the second floor of Yunnan Provincial Library. This event was led by the Yunnan Arts University (YNAU), implemented by the Design School of YNAU and supported by the Yunnan Provincial Research Institute for Ethnic Arts. In the following days from April 12 to 17, the exhibition was successfully held in the Exhibition Hall I and II of Yunnan Provincial Library.

Since its opening, the exhibition has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. Many provincial and municipal media have reported on it in detail, exploring its highlights and connotations from different perspectives. The media attention and reports have made more people understand the importance and significance of eco-photography, which is not only an encouragement to the participants and an affirmation of their achievements, but also a promotion of Yunnan's ecological protection cause.

Nearly 300 excellent works were exhibited in the exhibition, mainly inspired by the plateau lake Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Bazi (basin area) in Dali, Gaoligong Mountains (sub-range of the Hengduan Mountain Range), Nujiang River that originates in the plateau, tropical rainforest in Xishuangbanna and ocean which is called the origin of life on earth.

In the course of 60 days, 20 photographers attended a series of theoretical class and field trip activities and used various photography techniques such as macro, aerial, underwater and time-lapse to deeply and creatively explore the theme and style Yunnan's eco-photography tries to convey. In this way, they discovered and captured the wonder and beauty of Yunnan's ecology and showed Yunnan's unique approaches to environmental protection from their perspectives.

In addition to the photography works of the participants, there was also a digital audio-visual interaction area in the exhibition hall. Based on Yunnan's ecology, it was designed to show Yunnan's biodiversity to the public in an interactive form. The audience was guided to explore the biodiversity wonders of Yunnan through iH5 interaction; a video was played to show teachers and participants in the classroom during the training period; the eco-themed interactive game Ant Defense for children observed the impact of the ecological environment from ants' perspective.

Each eco-photography work is like a three-dimensional picture, telling the interrelationship (or story) between species and between them and their living environment. Surrounded by the works, the audience may feel as if they were standing in nature and could appreciate the natural scenes and biological wonders captured by the photographers and feel the power and charm of ecological art.