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“The Great Beauty of Harmony” – 2022 International Invitation Exhibition of Watercolor Kicked Off

Oct 25, 2022

“The Great Beauty of Harmony” 2022 International Invitation Exhibition of Watercolor will begin [admin1] on October 15, 2022. As one of the activities of the Kunming Forum on Education Cooperation in South & Southeast Asia, the exhibition is hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, with the assistance of Yunnan Arts University (YNAU), and Yunnan Artists Association.

Offline Exhibition time: October 15-28, 2022

Offline exhibition venue: International Art Center, Dongfengyun Art Town, Mile

(YNAU Internship and Practical Training Base)

Website of the online exhibition hall: http://watercolor.ynartfairs.com/

(Launched on October 15, 2022)

This exhibition brings together 68 representative artists from 18 countries, including China, Thailand, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Russia, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and Mexico. A total of 128 excellent watercolor paintings were created by means of digital media technology, and are presented through methods of “online + offline”, “print media + digital media” and “static + dynamic” to explore possibilities of discipline intersection and integration and joint development of disciplines.

This exhibition is one of the specific projects of YNAU’s “Opening-up Improvement” and aims to promote the opening up of education to the outside world. It will facilitate the exchange and cooperation of international art education and the development of discipline construction, and continuously boost our university’s international influence on education. Meanwhile, YNAU will give full play to our professional advantages, enrich cultural exchanges, increase mutual understanding, and help Yunnan Province build an educational center targeting South Asia and Southeast Asia.