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The 2021 "Enduring Flames, Intimate Friends" Invitational Exhibition of China and South & Southeast Asia Metal Handicraft Officially On

Dec 6, 2021

From November 26 to December 5, the 2021 "Enduring Flames, Intimate Friends" Invitational Exhibition of China and South & Southeast Asia Metal Handicraft was held at Yuanxiaocen Art Park, hosted by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, undertaken by Yunnan Arts University (YNAU), co-sponsored by Yunnan Artists Association, Dali Traditional Crafts Workstation and Kunming Jihao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and supported by Yunnan Newspaper Culture Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort in Culture and Education Industry Investment and Development Co., Ltd.

Focusing on metal handicrafts, this exquisite exhibition brought together 217 pieces (sets) of metal works by representative craft inheritors, teachers and students from universities and colleges, and emerging artists at home and abroad. These works were divided into three sections: Traditional Review, Classic Deep Cultivation, and Cutting-edge Experiment. In the three sections, various exhibition methods such as physical objects, photos, and videos were adopted to outline the similar and different forms of handicrafts, to show the pursuit of a better life and the appreciation and respect for colorful civilizations of people from different countries. The exhibition also vividly displayed the cultural characteristics of metal handicrafts in China, South and Southeast Asia, so as to promote the exchange and mutual learning of teaching and research of design disciplines among countries, and share successful experience in discipline education. The exhibition enhanced the construction level of design disciplines in Yunnan Province, advanced the high-quality development of ethnic and folk handicraft industry, and contributed to the gradual formation of a handicraft cultural exchange zone centered in Yunnan Province.

The exhibition was a powerful initiative launched by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education to promote international humanistic exchanges in the field of art in the region, relying on the South Asia and Southeast Asia Education Cooperation Forum and in cooperation with Yunnan Arts University. Previously,the Yunnan Arts University has attendedthe Forum hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education for three consecutive years and successfully undertook a series of activities, which had been recognized by superior authorities and all parties. Its efforts have enhanced the influence of schooling and expanded its international awareness.

The host gave full play to the geographical advantages of Yunnan Province and received positive responses and participation from South Asian and Southeast Asian countries. Undoubtedly, this once again strongly supports the remarks—China and Southeast Asian countries have developed into the most dynamic, substantive, and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships—made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the ASEAN–China Special Summit to Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of ASEAN–China Dialogue Relations. Through the high-quality thematic art exhibition,YNAU has actively practiced the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Yunnan Province and shortened the psychological distance with the people of other countries and regions, especially the neighboring countries, in the form of artistic language. This is of positive significance for effectively promoting humanistic exchanges, achieving people-to-people exchanges, and building a harmonious neighboring international environment and a community with a shared future for China–South and Southeast Asia.