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Teachers and Students of YNAU Dancing School Participate in SWEAT Hong Kong International Dance Festival

Jun 23, 2022

At the invitation of the organizer, teachers and students of the Dancing School of Yunnan Arts University (YNAU) participated in the SWEAT Hong Kong International Dance Festival (SWEAT) online from June 18 to June 22, 2022. SWEAT, organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council, is specially curated for the international dance community to innovate, research, share and dance. SWEAT in 2022 mainly contains three events: World Dance Alliance (WDA) Global Summit 2022, Digital International Festival for Dance Academies (IFDA), and ArtsCross Hong Kong 2022. Dancing schools, artists, scholars and dancers from various countries and regions gather here, to explore innovation and new genres in dance.

Chairwoman of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Professor Chen Songying Address the SWEAT

Dean of Dancing School of YNAU Professor Cheng Chunyun show welcome and greeting from YNAU

Dancing School of YNAU had joined hands with the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange to successfully recommend and submit the works of students through adequate communication with the organizer. Three students' works including Xingzoudebeiye were selected to be shown in SWEAT and received high recognition from experts and peers present. During this event of international importance, in front of delegates from transnational schools, our teachers and students presented teaching methods, academic research and creation of dance, and shared their experiences and achievements during the course of the dance discipline development.

The Dance Work Exhibition

Among the four participating works of our school, Xingzoudebeiye had been selected as the representative work to be shown to participants of the event from around the world. The other three works were presented in the unit of "Student Works" on the same stage with masterworks by 15 dancing schools from various countries and regions. These three original works were titled Shanyin, Sheng-Yuan, and Yin, respectively. Our works presented at the festival have earned affirmation and praise from experts and peers for the classic performance with rich artistic expressions and distinctive features.









Online Academic Interview

On the evening of June 21, associate professor Dan Lipeng, head of the choreography major of the Dancing School of YNAU, was invited to participate in an academic interview, together with Mr. Yan Xiaoqiang, Lecturer of Chinese Dance in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and professor Anni Koskinen of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, to argue over the differences in dance culture, dance performance and body expression between China and the West. Concentrating on Xingzoudebaiye, the dance that originated in Dai ethnic group in Yunnan, Dan Lipeng introduced the background, props in dance and the differences in dance movement between male and female dancers. The two entirely different dance forms of Chinese folk dance and European modern dance have collided and sparkled brilliantly, illustrating the creative differences in China and Europe for audiences to appreciate these unique and distinctive works.

Online Acedemic Inteview

Student Forum

From June 18 to 21, three students from our Dancing School articulated their perspectives loudly in three student forums on different topics. 2021 graduate student Yan Erzhuan, 2020 graduate student Zhu Ranran, and 2021 graduate student Hu Tengteng, attended separately and share their opinions with students and teachers from other countries and regions in "Artist's Contribution Approaches to Climate Change and Environmental Protection" hosted by London Contemporary Dance School, "Sharing Choreography" hosted by the Palucca University of Dance, and "Learn about Improvisations" hosted by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, with fruitful results achieved. Through these events, the students can broaden their professional horizons by reaching a rich variety of dance creations and performances.

Artist's Contribution Approaches to Climate Change and Environmental Protection Forum

Yan Erzhuan

Hu Tengteng

Learn about Improvisations Forum

Zhu Ranran

Sharing Choreography Forum

Colleges and universities shoulder the important mission of personnel training, scientific research, social service, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchange and cooperation. YNAU hammers at building itself into a leading art institution of higher education with international influence and distinctive features, where global and regional academic exchange for teachers is highly valued, and teachers are encouraged to take the lead in showing school achievements in a larger international arena, so as to improve their teaching skills. The Dancing School will continue to deepen its talent cultivation through high-quality programs at the international level and provide students with more channels and opportunities to broaden their international horizons and gain more academic achievements.