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YNAU's Eight Programs Approved by China National Arts Fund 2020

Aug 1, 2021

Recently, the list of programs funded by the China National Arts Fund (General Program) in 2020 was released. Yunnan Arts University (YNAU) has won the funding of the China National Arts Fund for eight programs, including one funding program for art talent training, one for communication and promotion, one for stage art creation (large stage plays and works), two for fine arts creation, and three for young artistic creation talent. YNAU's eight programs are as follows:


Stage art creation (large stage plays and works): Children's Stage Play Little Turnip Head

This large-scale children's stage play has been independently created by YNAU to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). It shows the imprisoned life experience of Song Zhenzhong, a young revolutionary martyr nicknamed "Little Turnip Head", and demonstrates the heroic deed of CPC members who fought against Kuomintang reactionaries in the prison for the revolutionary cause's victory. Although the social environment was cruel, the hope and beauty brought by a child, the mutual care of revolutionaries, as well as their strong faith and great spiritual strength at that time have also been reflected.


Communication and promotion: "Targeted Poverty Relief and Alleviation Achievements in Western China" Print Itinerant Exhibition

Based on the Decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Winning the Tough Battle against Poverty, the program aims to demonstrate "targeted poverty relief and alleviation achievements in Western China" in the form of print exhibition. The itinerant exhibition displays a group of artistic works inspired by poverty alleviation practices in Western China. It has not only eulogized the CPC, the country, the people, and the heroes, but also shows the CPC's determination of leading the people of all ethnic groups in China to achieve targets of poverty alleviation and completely usher in a moderately prosperous society.


Art talent training: Talent Training for Creation of Comic Books Related to China's Ethnic Minorities

With the theme of China's ethnic minorities, this program is to cultivate a group of comic book writers with a strong capability of innovation, a high level of painting, and solid political consciousness. It emphasizes the "narration" and "artistic acceptability" of the traditional Chinese-style comic books, thereby completing a series of comic books that elucidate the "sense of community for the Chinese nation". This program plans to enroll 30 students and will be publicized and promoted through the platform of the China National Arts Fund, thus facilitating the development and construction of China's contemporary culture and art.


Fine arts creation: Gouache Series Ode to Land (Chen Liu)

The program is inspired by the red land in Yunnan when Chen Liu was collecting painting materials here. The gouache series show the unique red land in Yunnan, ordinary farmers' spirit of unadorned and optimistic and their character of being hardworking and perseverant, as well as the relationship between human and nature, ordinariness and happiness. By virtue of the artistic creation of the human-nature relationship and the amazing way of expression, this program arouses people's reverence for nature and reflection on the happy life.


Fine arts creation: Oil Painting Series: Praise of the Time: People's Livelihood in Western Yunnan (Bian Xiaoqiang)

This program aims to demonstrate the livelihood of ethnic minorities in western Yunnan, with a focus on the time-honored and long-lasting Chinese national spirit. In the form of oil paintings, the painter has endowed sketches with the beauty of daily life. The oil painting series show the living status and poetic habitat of people on the fertile land of western Yunnan from multiple perspectives. They carry forward brilliant traditional Chinese culture, praise the diligence and wisdom of people in western Yunnan, and pursue the realization of the "Chinese Dream" — great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


Young artistic creation talent: Watercolor (Gouache) National Power: Baihetan Hydropower Station under Construction (Wang Jian)

In the art form of watercolor (gouache), this program depicts a prosperous and strong China in the new era and also demonstrates the harmonious development relationship between "human" and "nature" at the Baihetan Hydropower Station. The painting has been created to record the major program of Yunnan in the process of building China into a socialist society with Chinese characteristics, explain the major program in an artistic way, and introduce "China's ability to mobilize resources to accomplish major initiatives" for building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects.


Young artistic creation talent: Print Series National Memories (You Yu)

This program shows the macro background of China from a microcosmic perspective. By reshaping the daily visual images and affective experience of Chinese people in the past 70 years, it embodies the rapid progress and great changes in the social life of the People's Republic of China, thereby visualizing the concrete connotation of core socialist values and the superiority of the socialist system, and showing the "contemporary national memories" of China.


Young artistic creation talent: Print Series Gloves: Building Western New City (Xu Zhonghong)

This program focuses on China's Large-scale Western Development to promote the construction and development of western China. Inspired by the abundant geographical environment and colorful culture of western China, the program demonstrates achievements made by western China in implementing the Large-scale Western Development Strategy and reflects the spirit and appearance of the era. Since the implementation of the Large-scale Western Development Strategy, the infrastructure construction of western China has made breakthroughs, while the construction of roads, railways, and water conservancy facilities has shown a brand new image of Western New City. The print series reflect both common prosperity, the essential requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the core socialist values.

YNAU pays close attention to the China National Arts Fund and actively encourages and guides teachers to apply for it. Since 2015, a total of 30 YNAU programs has been funded by the China National Arts Fund and made remarkable achievements. Affected by the epidemic situation, the program funding of the China National Arts Fund in 2020 has been postponed to 2021. YNAU's departments and schools will make joint efforts to fully guarantee the smooth implementation of the program funding. The application of program funding of the China National Arts Fund 2022 has begun. YNAU will continue to actively participate in the application and strive to establish more programs qualified for the funding of the China National Arts Fund.