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"Art and Reading" Summit Forum of National Art Academies & Chief Librarian Forum of National Art Academies Unveiled in Yunnan Arts University

Oct 24, 2019

At 9:00 on October 24, 2019, the "Art and Reading" Summit Forum of National Art Academies & Chief Librarian Forum of National Art Academies was successfully convened in the Conference Room on the first floor of the library at Yunnan Arts University (YAU). Sponsored by the National Collaborative Committee of Art College Libraries and YAU, and undertaken by the YAU library, this activity invited experts and scholars from libraries of national art academies to together discuss the innovative service theories & practices of art and reading promotion in the new era.


Guests attending the forum are as follows: Chen Ling, deputy director of China Academic Library & Information System (CALIS) Management Center and secretary-general of Steering Committee for Academic Libraries of China (SCAL), MOE; Xu Yan, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Nanjing University, chairman of Library Society of Nanjing, and vice-chairman of Reading Promotion Committee of Library Society of China; Huang Peng, director of Specialized Committee for College Students' Reading, Reading Promotion Committee of Library Society of China; Li Congxi, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee of YAU; Yin Guocong, an official from Steering Committee for Yunnan University Libraries. The opening ceremony was presided over by Sun Lifang, chief librarian of YAU.


Li Congxi expressed his welcome and gratitude to leaders, experts and colleagues attending the forum on behalf of YAU, and wished the forum a complete success. He mentioned that as the development of the new era has put forward new and higher requirements for the higher art education, libraries of art academies are amid opportunities of development and reform. Keeping face with the times, YAU has been committed to accelerating the infrastructure construction, and building a modern library with complete hardware facilities and boutique software equipment for the new era. Since the YAU library was put into use, it has won unanimous praise from teachers and students due to that the library has guaranteed tangible document information contents for the teaching and scientific research of YAU, and made positive contributions to the establishment of a regional high-level art university with international influence and distinctive features.

On the opening ceremony, Huang Peng expressed in his speech that the reading promotion has been translated into a core service content of university libraries from an edge service. University libraries shall capitalize on their resource superiority to play a leading role in university students' reading promotion activities.

In his speech, Chen Ling put forward that students' time for study shall be increased, the proportion of independent learning time shall be improved, and students shall be guided to more reading, contemplation, questioning and practices. He also expressed his hope that all participants can make unremitting efforts, and take full advantage of this professional communication platform to speak out freely. When we all are pooled together to vigorously promote the reading of students of art academies, this undertaking will scale new heights.

On behalf of the Steering Committee for the Information Service of Yunnan University Libraries, Yin Guocong expressed his warm congratulations on the opening of this forum. At present, the priority of university libraries is to provide literature support and service guarantee for own university/college centering on the "Double First-Class Initiative". Seeing "art and reading" as entry points, this forum can provide resource construction, management, service and other conditions for support and guarantee of the "Double First-Class" construction of universities, and effectively facilitate the new achievements and progress of university libraries in the new era.

At 9:50, the Expert Report Meeting was held in the conference room on the first floor of the library. Chen Ling, a research librarian of Peking University Library expounded on the significance of reading for university students from multiple dimensions in his lecture titled Preliminary Study on University Students' Reading and Reading Environment Construction. Xu Yan gave a wonderful speech under the theme of Reading of Arts and Humanities: Reading Therapy and Campus Reading Promotion. Chen Liang, chief librarian of the Library of Nanjing University of the Arts delivered a report titled Art Reading and Classics Reading, in which he elaborately analyzed the status quo and development of contemporary art reading.

At 14:30, the Chief Librarian Forum of National Art Academies was convened in the conference room on the first floor of the library. On the forum, attendees involved in the heated discussion on the construction and management of libraries of art academies.

The parallel sessions of this forum were respectively held in the conference rooms on the first and fifth floors of the library, during which the next executive chairman school of the National Collaborative Committee of Art College Libraries and the topic of the next session were enthusiastically discussed, and the achievements and challenges in the field of art and reading of libraries were shared. Finally, experts and scholars visited the Exhibition of Ethnic Costumes and the new library of YAU.

Convened in YAU and centering on the theme of "Art and reading", the "Art and Reading" Summit Forum of National Art Academies & Chief Librarian Forum of National Art Academies forum probed into the relationship between the two and emphasized their great significance to the physical and psychological development of contemporary university students. On the spate of remaining constraints on the reading promotion, this forum has provided further solutions by listening to the insightful views of attendees to practically boost the new accomplishments and developments of libraries of art academies in this new era.


It is convinced that this forum will play a positive role in improving the reading ability and cultural taste of art academy students, steadfastly facilitating reading promotion of art academies and campus culture construction in the new era, enhancing the influence of libraries of art academies, and boosting the exchanges and cooperation among art academy libraries all over the country.