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YAU Invites Sisters Grimm from London to Hold Workshops at Its Campus

Dec 5, 2019

On December 5-7, 2019, INALA, a Zuzu ballet produced by Sisters Grimm from London was staged at Yunnan Grand Theater. The Grammy-nominated and world-renowned Zulu ballet embarked on its premiere tour in China and Kunming was the first stop.

During Sisters Grimm's stay in Kunming, on December 3, Yunnan Arts University (YAU) invited Ms. Pietra Mello-Pittman, founder of the dance company, producer of INALA and former lead dancer of the Royal Ballet, to hold three workshops for creative physical development at its campus. A total of 150 teachers and students participated in the activities. The three workshops were aimed at 50 students from the College of Music and the College of Drama, 50 faculty and 50 teachers and students from the College of Dance. From morning to night, after at least six hours of intense work, Ms. Pietra still kept the quality of the workshop at the same level. Ms. Pietra's professional attitude and energy impressed every teacher and student in the workshops. They appreciated the charm of physical expression and performance in different cultures, and benefited a lot by constantly seeking new expressions and combining them with their own characteristics.

         Hou Yunfeng, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office, together with his deputy Yang Zhuo and all other staff in the Office received Ms. Pietra on December 2 and held a meeting. The talks laid a foundation for the cooperation between the two sides, and the Foreign Affairs Office will continue to follow up the cooperation and carry out more possible cooperation with the company.